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I spent┬áthe long Labor Day weekend going through boxes of paperwork – mostly stuff from my time at the Illinois Institute of Art. Most of what’s in there has gone straight to the recycling bin. In a lot of cases, I’ve captured some of the notes on my phone before tossing the page – either because there was something useful or something completely incomprehensible.

A small sampling of my random notes!

I’m learning a few things about myself from going through these notes. First of all, I’m a really sloppy note taker! I don’t make a lot of distinction between one-time scratch pad calculations, important observations, and things to follow up on later. I guess I assume that everything will make sense later, but really I’m just making a lot of work for myself.

The more important thing I’m learning is that I have a tendency to take on overly ambitious projects. I often feel like I left school with not a lot to show for myself and now I see that this is why. Instead of taking two or three ideas to 100%, I have a dozen things ranging from 50 to 80% done.

As this blog continues, I plan to revisit these projects and look at what worked and what didn’t and what I can do better in the future.

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