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Day 2: A total bust

Elmo and Grover had a rough night

I got a little bit more done last night, but not much. I think I was too wired from finding out about the job interview. *Something* kept me up until 2:00 anyway.
My late night led to a late start and I spent the whole day running around. Nordstrom Rack for a boring blazer, a bunch of other shops in failed attempts to find something less boring, home long enough to drop of my bag and pick up my laptop, then to Mochi. Very productive meeting on the Sesame Workshop project. Back home for a nap and dinner and off to the Esquina opening party. That was a bit much after my long day (and with no booze), so WS and I ducked out for a bit.
Now it’s the end of the night and I haven’t even opened Blood Diamonds. I did, however, get an email from another company. I’m going to go deal with that now and maybe I can fit some Blood Diamonds in tomorrow between Sesame and laundry.

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