Behind the Scenes

Day 4: So Distracted

I keep thinking about tomorrow’s job interview. I think that’s why today’s attempt at a run was not particularly successful. And why I don’t have any Blood Diamonds progress to share.
I’m of so many minds about tomorrow. On the simplest level, it’s a job interview and those are always a little scary. I’ve already talked to the interviewer though, and the process seems to be going really well. There are two other candidates though, so nothing is a lock. But I’m pretty confident of my chances.
Getting this job would solve a lot of financial problems. And the work sounds like it’s right in my wheelhouse. Which is why it feels so crazy to realize I might turn the job down. There are one or two red flags and, if I can’t reconcile myself to them, this might not be the right job for me, despite all the many positives.
Time will tell. I’ll know more tomorrow. I’ve spent a lot of mental energy on this today and I’m ready to get a good night’s sleep.

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