Poor People Jobs

Today was the first day of the new job. Just training this week. Then, next week I start part-time. That’s so somebody can check my work. Once they’ve determined I can do the job without mistakes, then I can start full-time.

It’s a pretty low paying job and, considering how often there are openings, I’m guessing that the turnover might be kind of high. It’s not just the wage that makes this a poor person job though. The whole structure and attitude is vastly different from the jobs higher up the ladder. The hours are non-negotiable, including lunch. I think even breaks are scheduled. The dress code is very, very specific. It felt like half of today’s training was about the dress code. We haven’t gotten key cards yet, so we need to be let in to the training room and let into the break room. We may need to be let in to the bathrooms too. I’m not sure. There’s Guest WIFI in the break room, but we don’t get access to it. If we get back from break or lunch early, we have to sit off to the side until they let us back into the training room.

None of these things are a big deal but, combined, they send such a negative message. And considering that more than 80% of the people in my group were African American, I think this is one more thing that adds to the racial divide in this country as well as the economic divide. I haven’t had a chance to give it much thought, but I wanted to put something here all the same.

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