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Day 13 Update: All caught up

In my earlier post today,  I laid out my plan to make a scratchboard drawing on the computer. It actually turned out better than I was expecting. My first thought was to work in Illustrator and make tapering strokes that would look like chisel strokes. Which I thought I could then bring it into After Effects and turn into a cool logo reveal animation. That turned out to be a non-starter. But I still want to do something similar. Animated logo reveals are a thing now, but the ones I’ve seen are generic, plug-n-play.

I switched over to Photoshop and spent a lot of time trying to find a brush that would give me a chisel look. There are tutorials, but I still just did things my own way. In my brush search I was reminded that I have access to Kyle T. Webster’s custom brushes with Adobe Creative Cloud. They are so cool! I need to spend more time working with these. For now, I used one of his crosshatching brushes – very carefully – to create the scratch marks aro

und my logo. (That’s my logo, btw. I made it.) I didn’t mask off the area I was leaving black, so I had to stop and switch to smaller brushes for inside spaces and I think that added to the realism. The whole project made me want to work with an actual scratchboard, but that will have to wait.

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