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Day 4: Get the vote out with cyan

Part One: Inspiration

Today’s artist is cyan, out of Berlin. The poster examples in the book made me think of textiles; particularly patchwork quilts. In a good way. One observation they make (that a previous designer made as well) is that, with posters, you have to consider how they look from various distances. I have not taken that as much into account. When I design posters for Nighthawk, I sometimes wouldn’t see my work at a distance until it was hanging on the wall. Stepping back from the laptop screen isn’t an ideal substitute for a test print, but I’ll add it to my process.

Part Two: My Take

With the election on Tuesday (and because my ballot went out in the mail today), I decided to make a get-out-the vote poster. Specifically, something that would direct people to Ballot Ready, a group that is doing great, nonpartisan work to get the vote out. I modeled the poster after the actual ballot, with its unfinished arrows and Arial font.

Red, white and blue seemed like the natural choice for colors, but I wanted to use unexpected versions of them – “inventive color palettes” being one of the cyan signatures. An image search of “red blue palette” brought me to a site called Piktochart, and an example of some cartoonish coffee packaging.

The text content could be a little more impressive, but I’m trying to focus on the design side for now. And on consistently making a thing every day.

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