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Day 5: Bragging about voting with Oded Ezer

Today’s poster inspiration is Oded Ezer, from Givatayim, Israel. He’s primarily a typographer and does much of his work in the Hebrew alphabet. Hebrew is out of my range, but I’m all for typography.

Ezer has three rules for the nonprofit works he does every year

  1. Low budget, accessible materials
  2. Made by hand
  3. Color only where necessary

I’m more comfortable working on the computer, so I split the difference. I printed out text and used the printouts as my materials. The “I voted!” slips of paper were folded as you would when taking an informal ballot. I wanted an interesting background because the white paper was so basic, so I used a favorite woven shawl.

I set the still-life up, after barring my two cats from the room, and photographed it with my iPhone SE. I did a little bit of Photoshop enhancement, but not much. The quarter-inch white border makes this easy for anyone to print on their home or work computer, so have at it!

Behind the scenes bonus content: eventually, I had to let the cats back into the room!

Cats will be cats!

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