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Day 6: Taking risks with Hakobo

Today’s artist is Jakub Stepien, who goes by Hakobo. His look is based on Polish skateboard culture and is influenced by primitive art. Lots of geometry. Lots of dynamic angles. Black and white and limited colors. Busy, jarring, not always super readable, but part of that might be that I’m looking at a language I don’t speak.

Working on my poster, I spent a lot of time down a rabbit hole of consumer spending data. I was going to try for an infographic this time. But there was too much to process in the timeframe, so I decided to go for a quote.

The quote I chose – more of a saying really, as there’s no definite attribution – has the repeated use of the word never, so I used Illustrator’s perspective drawing feature to turn the word into crossed bars blocking a path. In the process of getting familiar with how the perspective tool worked, I made a lot of accidental polygons. I decided to leave them as they fit the theme of taking risks and making mistakes and fit the aesthetic of busyness and dynamism.

Once I added in the text, everything still looked too tidy. I pretty much messed with it until I liked it. Does that mean I’m starting to develop some sort of… artistic intuition? Weird. Cool. Anyway, here’s my final version:

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