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Day 7: Hammerpress v gentrification

Today’s artist is Hammerpress in Kansas City, MO. It’s an aesthetic I really enjoy. Their posters are busy, in a grandma’s attic kind of way. Lot’s of collage, overlap, interesting spacing. Much more rectilinear and white than some of the previous designs. This might have to do with the fact that they work in letterpress.

When I read that, it reminded me that some sort of letterpress printing/ craft space is opening near me. On some level, that’s exciting news, but it’s also a little bit distressing. Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, where I live, is very diverse and an area that has avoided gentrification so far. More and more, however, I’m seeing the evidence of it starting, and this shop is one of the things. (Yes, I appreciate that my living here is also one of the things.)

With that in mind, I decided to make the poster about that. I found a nice quote from Sarah Kendzior’s The View from Flyover Country and based my poster off that:

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