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Day 9: Transience through Jianping He

The work of Jianping He is impressive to the point it was hard to find anything to take away from it. It’s very dreamy and “high art” and there were examples where he gave text a painterly look. From that, I came up with the idea of specifically trying to make text look painted. In the process, I came up with this. It feels horribly cliche to me, but there’s something about it that I like.

In other news, I spoke with a recruiter today about a possible gig with a company that both makes games and empowers people to make games of their own. It looks amazing. I plan to spend some time this weekend freshening up my site. I haven’t touched it since 2014. The games thing reminded me of the PuzzleScript workshop I attended a few months ago and how fun it can be just to make things.

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