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The weekend got away from me

Things started well enough yesterday. I researched Henderson Bromstad Art Co, and started work on a self-portrait with text. They do a lot of chunky shapes filled with text. Things that look like linocuts, lots of bold colors, messy edges, overlap, repetition.

My plan was to make something for the front page of this site, rather than a poster specifically. My challenge, my rules, right? Anyway, there were a lot of distractions this weekend, including a 22 hour long visit from my sister the pediatric oncologist. There was a lot of pizza and wine and talking and music – and not so much work as I might have liked.

Also, I keep running up against my own vanity in trying to do this self portrait. Apart from my hair, about which I have no illusions, I’m trying too hard to make it pretty. Not the point at all. And, more importantly, not giving a feel for the artists I’m trying to emulate. I think I’ll print it out as line art and maybe work with pencils for a bit.

I’m thinking it would be fun to cover my face with “soft skills.” Maybe go full resume and add a sweater with my education and a background with job history?

Today’s artist is Fons Hickman. There are a few more hours in the day and I’m going to spend some time on them. I’ll try to make two things tomorrow and get caught up. In the meantime, enjoy my smiling face.

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