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Beware of Playlist Pranks: MTiM-5

No blog yesterday. The internet at work seemed dodgy, so I didn’t want to put Spotify on. Also, I was in a bummer of a mood so I probably wouldn’t have liked whatever I listened to. It happens.

I’m feeling better today and I don’t want to miss two in a row, so let’s get started with Paste’s #37 album of 2018.

Preoccupations: New Material

The album cover promised 80’s synth, and 80’s synth is what I’m hearing. It’s hard to judge objectively when it sounds so retro. Maybe if I already knew the band, I’d have more context for what they’re doing. From the Paste review:

“Examinations of creation, destruction and the ways that we often practice the two in vain have regularly been tethered to the Canadian post-punk band’s work—even going back to their days as Viet Cong.”

Should it matter?  I guess nothing exists in a vacuum. I mean, a review of a Michael Bay movie wouldn’t point out that there are a lot of gratuitous explosions. It’s assumed that you have a certain level of familiarity going in. Should there be one review targeted at people familiar with the band and another for people who aren’t? One just for super-fans? One for Republicans and another for Democrats? Point taken, self. I’m going by a review in Paste and that’s a magazine for hip, rock savvy readers, right? And for posers like me who want a shortcut.

I should expand these posts into a full media review site called, “No, I’ve Never Heard of Them.”

I was planning to do a second listen, but it’s just going to confirm that this sounds a lot like the music I wasn’t cool enough to listen to in high school.

Lonnie Holley: MITH

This, on the other hand is not derivative at all. The first track was like beat poetry meets Music From the Hearts of Space. But not quite.

Oh my goodness. This album is two and a half hours long!

No. No, it’s not. I accidentally clicked on a playlist consisting of MITH followed by Norweigan metal. There are apparently pranks on Spotify. Stay safe out there kids!

No second play today; it is a bit much for at work, but I could see listening to it on a rainy Sunday while reading a book.

I’m With Her: See You Around

Um… it’s a little Country. Sorry, Bluegrass. “Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins, Crooked Still’s Aoife O’Donovan and folk songstress Sarah Jarosz began collaborating as I’m With Her back in 2015.” Nice enough, but not for me.

DJ Koze: Knock Knock

So far, it’s okay but a bit backgroundish. Even Paste is calling it a “canvas.” Okay, Track 4 has lyrics. This is better.

This album is all over the place. It will require a second listen. The current track is “Lord Knows,” and I can’t decide if it reminds me of Moby because of that, or if it’s a deliberate Moby nod.

I don’t have time to listen again at work today, so I’ll start with this one tomorrow. My blog, my rules.

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