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Mixed Bag: MTiM, Part 4

I’m working on a JotForm today and there are so many crazy widgets available that don’t pertain to my work. I want to check them out though. Don’t be surprised if a JotForm shows up in here in the next few days.

Kelly Moran: Ultraviolet

This is… not any genre of popular music. It’s more like avant-garde classical music. I’m liking it though. I need to give it another listen before I can form any opinions though, because I may have just gone into some delta-wave state while it was on. These tracks are made with a “prepared piano,” in which objects are stuck “between and atop the strings of a piano to alter its sound.” I am all about fixing what’s not broken. No wonder I like this music. I think I’ll suggest it to WS in place of the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack when we’re looking for something instrumental and atmospheric.

Alejandro Escovedo: The Crossing

The first six tracks have been – I don’t know, not bro-ey, but something that’s just not clicking with me. The instrumental “Amor Puro” was good. You know what? It’s too country for me. I didn’t want to tar it with the country brush because it’s clearly more latin, but he just said that a woman was waiting with a red dress on and – really? That tired cliche? I’ll keep going, but I don’t anticipate a second listen on this album.

Huh. We’re still talking about red dresses. At least according to Google ngrams.

I almost just hit skip on “Sonica USA,” but I’m apparently not letting myself skip tracks? Rio Navidad is no picnic either. Six tracks to go.

My blog, my rules. I’m done.

Richard Swift: The Hex

This is a posthumous release. I’d better be nicer than I was to Sr. Escovedo!

The first few tracks sound like they’re from the sixties. Which is a cool technical achievement, but kind of distracting as far as being able to tell what I think of them. But that’s what second listens are for.

First of all, this album is flying by. Second of all, the track HZLWD opens with… is it the Poirot music??? Drat my non-musical brain. It’s some British mystery show. To the Googles!

Oof. He was only 41. And HZLWD is something to do with Nancy Sinatra?

Listened again. I like it, but I think I should go back and get to know this artist’s work before getting into it.

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