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My Taste in Music: Part 2 of a continuing series

Yesterday, I started listening to Paste’s 50 Best Albums of 2018. Part of this is to improve my Spotify recommendations. Part is to get back in the habit of posting on here.

Flasher: Constant Image

My first impression of this is that it just sounds like music. Like it wasn’t written, but just scooped out of the ether as a thing that exists. Is that a good thing? I’m not put off by that unfamiliarity curve that I usually face with new music, but it also seems like it’s not particularly new or adding anything to the world. I’ll see what the magazine had to say before I give it another listen.

“Immediate pop melodies” is the phrase Paste uses. So, yeah, we’re on the same page. I’m just not as sure it’s a virtue. I gave it another listen and it’s good, but I just don’t need it. It would be good for, say, a bar that needs to freshen up its playlist without scaring the regulars.

Phosphorescent: C’est La Vie

Just a few minutes in, I’m already comparing him to Langhorne Slim. Again, this could be good or bad. Track three and I’m no longer comparing him to Langhorne Slim. This track is reminding me of The Piña Colada song and I’m not mad at it.

I listened twice through and that one track, called New Birth in New England is the only one that really stood out for me.

Intermission – A dozen artists I like a lot.

I’ve mentioned two bands I do like, so maybe I should do a list. I’ll just put it in alphabetical order, and I reserve the right to update it as I remember things I like. My top artists, not including my husband:

  • Belle and Sebastian
  • Andrew Bird
  • Jackson Browne
  • David Byrne
  • Neko Case
  • Elvis Costello
  • Langhorne Slime
  • Long Winters
  • Aimee Mann
  • Mountain Goats
  • The National
  • They Might be Giants

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