Focusing on the Basics

I haven’t forgotten that I had a plan to blog about the music I was listening to, but I’ve put that on hold. By which, I mean I completely flaked on it.

The truth is, I started looking into getting hired at the company I’m temping at. Suddenly, I didn’t want the VP walking past my cube and seeing Spotify or WordPress up on my screen. Also, the level of phone calls picked up and that’s not compatible with listening to music.

I’m back now because I heard an Asian Efficiency podcast the other day about planning in 90 day cycles. The timing was good, so I’m going to give that a shot.

The focus of these 90 days will be just getting the very basics under control. Eating vegetables. Brushing my teeth. Cleaning the cat box.

And keeping up with my prescription and doctor’s appointments. Last month, I ran out of SSRI refills and Wags had to call one in. This month, it happened again. Busy at work, I forgot to take a pill Wednesday. When I took one Thursday, I realized it was the last one. I put in for another refill, and the doctor said no! I didn’t find that out until Saturday.

It’s Monday now, and I still don’t have a refill. The withdrawal was really rough. When I started to feel better, I thought I might go the week until my appointment. I was already past the worst part and, to be honest, it makes me uneasy for a chemical to have that much power over me.

Well, this morning gave me a pretty good reminder of why I still need the medicine. One very small thing went wrong and my emotional reaction was disproportionate to the situation.

Maybe tapering off the drugs properly can be a goal for July/August/September. But, for now, I’ll take all the help I can get.

I don’t think I’ll get much done in the way of habits this week though. I’m working at a giant trade show out of town. I’m trying to go through all of my notes and to-do lists and sift out the important things though. Here’s what I have so far:

* Pay overdue doctor bill

* Take a long walk once a week. Would it be weird to pick up trash?

* Stop at the gym on the way home from work (plan for this)

* Eat a variety of vegetables

* One load of laundry every five days

* Scoop one cat box every night; top up with heaping cup of new litter. (Transfer measure to something plastic.)

* Clear email pins – they’re there for a reason

* Breast exam

* Trim nails and other basic maintenance

* Listen to more music, less spoken content?

* Work standing up?

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