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I realized I’ve been doing Spotify wrong. Instead of listening to the weekly generated playlists and up/down voting things, I’ve been copying them into another playlist to listen to later. Yes, I procrastinate so much that I can procrastinate listening to music! I ended up with a massive playlist that I’d never get around to, but it also lacked the feedback options. Without any feedback, my suggestions are all the mopiest of mopey indie rock.

As of this week, I’ve deleted that playlist and I’ve been sticking to Discover Weekly and Release Radar, voting down any song that seems in danger of putting me into a coma. It still feels a little bit like homework though so, because it’s Friday, I’m going to take advantage of another feature: artist radio.

(Sorry if this post sounds like I’m promoting them. I’m not. I’m not even a paid subscriber.)

Anyway, artist radio. I’ve got to start with William Steffey, right? He’s arguably my favorite artist. I married him. But also, he has such a limited following, I’m very curious how the algorithm will deal with it.

(Look at me embedding things in my page, all fancy.)

Clothes of the Devil is a good song. It’s pretty low energy, considering what I was just complaining about. I’d cal it more somber than mopey though.

Silent Stranger – Battle Axe: Is this a new song? It has an eighties power ballad-ish feel. Not my cup of tea, but I’m keeping an open mind. Bill certainly was influenced by songs like this, so I guess it’s not completely out of place.

Advertisement: 1. Ooh, a scaremongering PSA. That’s a fun change of pace. 2. Safe Auto likening excessive insurance coverage to Autotune. It’s clever. I can’t be that mad at it. 3. Xfinity Home Security? Oh yeah. Exactly what I’d want to have break unexpectedly and have to deal with terrible customer service.

Gush is one of my WS favorites. He shared Romance of the Spaceways with me when we were first dating. “If I gushed and told you everything, would you stand up, run like hell, and hide from me?” Funny how we think musicians are cool when they’re literally telling us all of their insecurities in four minute chunks.

Tony Anderson Orchestra – Dolannes Melodie. Oh, this is delightful. Instrumental, Latinish(?), with that one breathy flute-like instrument I can’t place.

Ok. I’m getting very little work done well I do this. (And my boss just stopped by while I typed that. So, um yeah.) No more blogging today.

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