4/14/2021: Birthday

12:25 p.m.

Helloooooo! Just another day more or less. Bill had insomnia, so he’s still asleep. Bummer. He did leave me a little present though. This was in addition to the tv projector he got me/us earlier this month. (P.S., we agreed we don’t do presents!!!) Bill gave me a gift card for a massage. I’m actually pretty excited about that. Post vax, though.

Gere called to wish me a happy day and I talked to him for a while. He also sent me a bunch of stuff from Whole Foods. All kinds of stuff. Cake and wine, but also bread and avocados. And two wee cans of cat food. And flowers. I am very not a fan of cut flowers, but they do look nice. The delivery guy asked my b-day to verify my identity and then said, “… that’s today! Happy birthday!”

I’m listening to the Shedunnit podcast and the guests are the hosts of an Agatha-Christie-in-chronological-order podcast. I’m tempted. Not today, though. I have to moderate a session in about half an hour and then I need to get some work done.

6:00 p.m.

Work went well and I got some nice texts and calls from people (Sharon, Deborah Solan, Teresa Lipsey, Anita). Bill was up briefly – and unfortunately – during the same window of time as my NASCC session. Boo. He’s back to sleep and I’m hoping we can postpone take-out until tomorrow.

I’m using this site to chronicle all of the things I will inevitably forget, so let me add that Bill’s elaborate mixing board arrived today. It’ll go in his practice space that he gets into next month.

That Dogecoin that Brett talked us into buying at 8¢ (which then dropped to 6¢) was up to 9¢ yesterday, so we sold some. It was up to 13¢ today so we sold some more. I think we got out at 11¢. I should get the actual numbers.

Don’t judge. The whole Dogecoin thing coincided with my getting some “free” money. Free, in this case, referring to money that I’d long since made my peace with losing. About a decade ago, I’d gone in for an annual wellness checkup and, due to insurance billing/coding, it cost me over $1000. Before I could successfully challenge the bill, it went to collection and I panicked and paid it. Someone must have corrected something eventually; I got back over $800 from the Illinois Treasurer’s unclaimed property page. It was Brett that put us on to it, so it seemed only fair to risk it on his investment advice.

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