Update 8/9/21 – Walking, stretching, and self-mutiliation

Fun fact: I have this WordPress tab set to open automatically every day, so I can just jot something down and it’s no big deal. And every time I ignore that tab and eventually close it when I’m cleaning up my thousands of browser tabs. But two things got me actually posting this morning (when I should be working).

  1. I walked seven miles on Saturday. In trying to figure out when/why I last walked so much, I found myself wishing I had some sort of journal so I could go back and see what was happening on a given day.
  2. I’m watching The Closet Historian’s Side Husselen playlist, where she’s trying to figure out her life, c. 2018. It made me want to just start making YT videos that nobody would see unless someday I ended up making videos and then they’d be a back catalog. There’s really, really no call for that. But why not put a simple bit of text up there???

I’ve been stretching every morning in August. I ran across this TED Talk by Ogie Shaw and took away the importance of doing less than twenty minutes and doing it every day. There was also a part about increasing resistance, but stretching is currently challenging enough for me. And it’s more likely to stick if it’s something doable. My plan is to do that every day for the month and then treat myself to online dance lessons. Bill thinks I should do in-person lessons, and maybe I’ll switch to that after a few months, but online seems more cost-effective.

And what’s this clickbait about self-mutilation? On Friday, I tried to fix/work on an immersion blender without unplugging it first. A VERY STUPID THING TO DO. I was lucky and it mauled my left middle finger just a little bit.

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