Shopping Spree

I did a big trip to the Village Discount Outlet yesterday, looking for mask fabric. Some for me and some for Bill. And all cotton or rayon (that was the tricky part). I also kept an eye out for items I could cannibalize for fabric for clothes. All together, I picked up eleven mens dress shirts, two childs shirts, six ladies tops, two dresses, and one cardigan – all for just over $50. (I love that place!)

Two of the shirts fit Bill well enough for him to hold on to them. Other than the (leopard print!!!) cardigan, I didn’t plan for any of the clothes to fit me and be kept as garments, but it turns out that four of them did.









As I type this, I’m wearing the orange dress. I don’t like the narrow shoulders, so I’m pretty sure I’ll cut the dress down to a skirt. It has kind of an empire waist in the back, so I think I can make it a slightly longer skirt than it is a dress. The tops all have a middle-aged-lady vibe, but I am actually a middle aged lady so I can’t be too mad at that.

Of course, none of these go with anything else. We’ll see if they survive the Capsule Wardrobe project. If not, they can always go back to the Village Discount.

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